Photo of Lac d’Orient (10) by Guillaume Cattiaux
Photo@Guillaume Cattiaux
10 Aube, Grand Est

Lac d’Orient

Looking for a place to visit in Champagne ? The Orient lake is a large body of water, rich in history and traditions. With its 23 km², it is the third largest artificial lake in France. In the heart of a protected natural park, this lake offers an perfect spot where you can practise water sports, go fishing, or simply enjoy beautiful walks between land and water. We like to go green !

⚓ Escapade Perfect
🏖️ Beach Great
🏞️ Natural park Great
🐸 Lake Great
🌳 Forest Great
🏅 Sport Great
⛱️ Relax Great
😃 Fun Great
🇫🇷 Culture Great
🌾 Countryside Good
👙 Swim Good

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