Photo of Sète (34) by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER
34 Hérault, Occitanie


Sète (Hérault) is known as the "Venice of Languedoc". Between vineyards, scrubland, sea and ponds, it is a major fishing port in the Mediterranean Sea. Sète is popular, artistic and lively. That's an ideal destination for swimming, relaxing, discovering the local culture and enjoying beautiful getaways.

⛱️ Relax Perfect
🇫🇷 Culture Perfect
🏖️ Beach Great
🚇City Great
⚓ Escapade Great
👙 Swim Great
🌾 Countryside Good
😃 Fun Good
🎉 Party Good
🏅 Sport Good
🏝️ Island Quite good
🐸 Lake Quite good
⛰️ Mountain We can't have everything

10 km around