Photo of Val d’Isère (73) by Florian Pépellin
Photo@Florian Pépellin
73 Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Val d’Isère

The village of Val d'Isère is known to be one of the most beautiful ski resorts in France. Considered as one of the "world ski capitals", Val d'Isère is located in the high mountains, in the Vanoise massif. Enjoy a lot of outdoor sports (skiing, hiking, via ferrata, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing) as well as a very lively festive life.

⛰️ Mountain Perfect
🏞️ Natural park Perfect
🏅 Sport Perfect
⚓ Escapade Perfect
🎉 Party Perfect
🌾 Countryside Great
🐸 Lake Great
🌳 Forest Great
😃 Fun Great
⛱️ Relax Good
🇫🇷 Culture Good

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